Friday, June 29, 2007

بانت سعاد فقلبي اليوم متبولُ

Yes, I always seem to start with yes, unlike our government. I won’t complain about the weather, nothing new it’s hot as hell every year so if you’re new here, get used to it, it won’t go away, not until October. And I won’t complain about the political scene either nor the harsh grilling, it was coming sooner or later or whenever people had the guts to speak. It just got delayed for 20 years or so. So what do I think about the whole ordeal? I think it was layered, the publically stated reasons, even though it was factual, was not the real deal. The real deal, so to speak, was the general “hypothesis” that people in government are robbing Kuwait’s oil money, which I strongly believe they are, and since we cannot prove it therefore we’ll question them for anything that we can prove, make them look as bad as possible and then kick them out of government. Eventually Kuwait wins and this will make it harder for people having plans for stealing, especially people from our ruling family.

يا لدانة لدانة هولوياملي هي يا الله


dishevelled said...

3ad al7een boga ilras ilkbeer, if ya know who I mean ;P

Bs I'm glad people are finally being questioned. It's about time Kuwait's money goes to the betterment of Kuwait!

palo-girl said...

u dont appreciate Kuwait's beautiful summer heat until u find youself freezing ur sodded skins off in July... watching the rain from ur balcony, wearing 55 layers of clothing.
then u say to urself... "aah, if only I was in Messilah right now.. burning in the summer son <3 ... *sigh*"