Thursday, March 25, 2010

I regret to say

Kuwait is nothing but a city, there is no such nation as Kuwait, we are not equal under law, rules don't apply on some, opportunity is not for everyone. but anyone can get a loan to be enslaved by the financial system.

so why do "liberals" stress on national unity?

Because they have no other identity, no other bond to hold a diverse weaver of ethnic groups, but an identity of a fake unity. and thats the problem with a shallow doctrine and mislead followers of the mirage.

If you look at the royals, so to speak, and their continuous effort to promote national unity,at a time of disunity, is nothing but a survival effort.

I dont see the other masses troubled about national unity, they have their tribal bond.

the future will continue like the past. the unification of interest is what will hold the bond for years to come. the gap is growing steeper, God knows when will it collapse.

Yes,.. i dont know what the future is like, it sure is dark. then again there is no reason for it to be dark, if God have bless it with such wealth, why should the future be so dark?

Thank you.


Deema said...

Hello Error,

well, I remember that I have discussed this with my friend some time ago, and we reached the point that we're not yet a city, but on the way to a nation. a city is more sustained than a nation, the problem is that people look at a nation passively, meaning that they claim unity forsake of rights and public interest, instead of approaching unity forsake of natural growth.

you're right about enforcing a national unity, because the idea of a nation should be organic, but we're not yet a city, coz there isn't yet any sustained system.

Extinct Dodo said...

I personally believe that disunity comes from the fact that Kuwait is culturally starved.

Unity comes when we have a history to share, music, stories, folklore, all that good stuff, it gives us an identity. That only comes with time.

With that being said, and thanks to globalization, Kuwait has missed out on any hope of an identity as a nation, the opportunity to create a culture and set itself apart as an individual. That hope died with 1990 and modern technology.

error said...


sustainable cities sound like an architectural concept. i think a community describes our state better.

frankly i was reflecting more than enforcing any argument.


unity comes from other factors as well, like an external threat.

what did modern technology do?

Extinct Dodo said...

modern technology has made people more isolated than ever. I suck at chemistry, but we went from being nuclear families to further fragments of that. Whats smaller than a nuclei?

Everyone is bogged up in their own little bubbles, giving themselves carpal tunnels texting and playing on their PS3's and being too busy for "real" inter-relations. There's no sense of community, except via social media, and that's pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

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