Monday, February 05, 2007

The real solution; why middle class is important.

In any society there are many societal categorizations, be it ethnic, religious, educational or based on income and wealth, which is the most important in this post.

The lower class or the unprivileged ones are the group of people being under the poverty line or in other words are in a passive state, many of them in a society is not good, and definitely a burden for any society trying to advance. Moving those unprivileged ones into the middle class is the best thing any successful society can do. I will explain why middle class is important and the more we have the better off we will be.

Islam, in its intent as to my humble understanding, in regards to wealth distribution tried to assist the unprivileged to make it to the banks of mid-classism so to speak. by imposing 2.5% zakat on the rich. It is important to note that zakat doesn’t work like income tax; however zakat is taken out of untouched wealth for a complete lunar year.

Unfortunately the above model of a helpful Islamic way is not possible on an institutional level, while other institutions like Kuwait finance House Islamizing or Islamatizing usury “الربا” and other western banking tools, therefore such practices have the Islamic “endorsement” they need, so why bother and research new Islamic ways while we can tweak successful western ways islamicly?

The middle class has more liberty then both upper and lower classes. While the quest of the lower class for finding wealth and the upper class sustaining it, mid-classers, collectively, are after, or shall I say busy pursuing other human interests and not necessarily wealth. In other words a mid-classer can be an artist and still make a living.

Nobody is filling the real role of a unique individual for an advance society, we have no dedicated artists, novelists, scientists and the list can go on. You are all government employees or if you're lucky a subsidized business employee.


LuLu said...

Well since I'm an unpacking mode, let me ask you to unpack your argument.. if you feel like it of course!

1. You really believe it is a requirement of the wealthy person to continue pursuing wealth?

2. I don't buy that zakat collection is impossible to institutionalize..

3. Can there ever be such thing as independent? Western-based scientists, painters, and writers are dependent on profit-making institutions to market their products (or utilize their products in the case of science) in order to get income. We have no such thing in this area of the world..

error said...

I’ll do anything for a ba7rainiya

As to those arguments I think we still haven’t touched the surface. Because wealthy people are in constant state of insecurity along with a feeling of shortage of wealth, they will continue to collect more of what they think is deplete. On the contrary mid-classer, in their pursuit for happiness won’t share the feeling uncertainty wealthy or for the sake of accuracy rich people have.

Its absolutely possible and historically proven. However I was criticizing current Islamic “bank” for their practices, Morabaha, استصناع and so one.

Regardless of the way they get funded eventually they get it and that is what matters to keep them going. Ironically both western socialism and capitalism produced arts, plenty of it, where as our modern “arab” countries were not even successful in producing propaganda.

Thank you for sharing your opinion and wasting your time on reading my post.

Elijah said...

I think governments are smart, they demolish the middle class, because they know they're the ones that can make a difference and stand up for their rights, while on the other hand you have:

1. the upper class who don't feel oppressed so they don't care what goes on, if the going gets tough they use their money to buy happiness.

2. the lower class: they are too poor to think of anything but to get food for their kids, they spend their whole lives worrying about food, rent, school....

So without the middle class, the country is secure ;)

LuLu said...

Well Kuwait is our best friend so of course I'll keep reading

But inzeen, I am sure Marx is rejoicing in his grave to hear your views of the rich, but to me it sounds too simplistic. People don't make choices based on their "class." There are identities, loyalties, experiences, faith, etc that inform our outlook (ok now constructivists are rejoicing in their grave but at least empirically it's more plausible!)

On the Islamic thing, I'm so with you. We have kuwait finance house here in Bahrain and a friend of mine went to get a personal loan.. the process was a classic! there was a diamond involved, which he had to pretend to buy then sell to KFH and they had to pretend they don't want it and a whole scene I just wish I was there to see :-) I mean I get the idea of the "dummy commodity" being the diamond but they way it is acted is a bit kookoo

Oh as far as Arabs and creativity.. well, I think we agree too.

2 out of 3 isn't bad.

error said...

I wouldn’t use the word smart however I think it’s the survival instinct that drives them to do so.

Then you agree with me Elijah from Amman


First of all I’m quite impressed with your breakdown. Wallah I am sij, see it coming out of ba7rainiya that even impressed me more :P most of our girls are airheads

Ok, now you cannot reject an argument for just being simplistic or too complex and even if, that does not negate the motive, greed in this case.

Calling on to the integral theory, which I quite like, I think the argument represents a valid realm of reality. Ultimately I believe everything is written.

Further ready at

LuLu said...

So you're impressed "especially coming from a ba7rainia" and "most girls are airheads"? Ma3alaih, I'll ignore the hidden insult and take the surface complement instead :P There is always a beginning to everything--

Anyway, I saved the wikipedia link you sent. I looked at it and I don't think I will understand it at this time of the night so I'll save it for later... wella ba3dan I'll feel like an airhead ;)