Sunday, February 25, 2007

Independence! From what?

Independence my ass, and your ass of course, we are still dependant not on the British but on something else, something else that is not healthy. After all those years our freedom of speech is leashed, we can bark as citizens all we want but we have no tools for action. The main stream media does not support the public cause, all they support is their own interest, not the publics’. Independence from what? We are more dependant today than ever. What did you benefit, you common Kuwaiti? You have a decent 700kd salary, tons of loans to pay, shitty health care system, unreliable educational system, maybe 200 kd bonus every now and then. Overall you gained nothing from the wealth your country discovered underneath except your salary. How lousy, big shot politicians did not achieve anything for you. Money is stolen everyday, I know about it, you know about it, and basically nobody can do anything about it. So are you still independent? Can you do something about it? You are a slave citizen and I’m sorry to tell you that you have been stripped off your civil right to act upon a just cause.

Politically speaking you are useless unless you make a stand. I want change for the betterment of my society.


..G.. said...

Let it all out dear, and i'm so proud of your courage..

I bet everyone denies these facts and just wishes it to be better by time.. and maybe they would rather just ignore the whole situation.

atleast let your soul be independant.

Qa6Wa said...

:/ do you need a hug?

Spontaneousnessity said...

back to previous post, yes there was, ayam ramadhan, the guy who gets trapped in the roof and calls boshmais and boshmais doesn't shut up o it cuts off? remember? the same guy with the water splash in the kitchen madri bathroom, oh come on it was on every 20 mins for a whole month you aught to remember..

I don't know why am nagging about this =/

not to recent post, el7emdella 3al ne3ma anyways =} we're still doing better than many others

eshda3wa said...

im with blasha
do u need a hug?

a group hug maybe?

error said...

I really thought about this twice, and I decided..

Atheeteeena, let it all out o let it all out!! Its out already!! None of whom I know denies these fact, mostly the are unwilling to do anything about it.


I typically like you but today you’re starting to become 7anaana!! I ‘v never seen someone calling bo shais coming out of the shower!! Stop nagging and yes alf min thekra.

see above!

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts I really appreciate it.

3abeer said...

take a stand??

you go first :P

Spontaneousnessity said...

staing the obvious =P happens when you're forced to stay home for 48 hours

error said...

You are just like your recipes, a chicken!!

You are one confused young lady.

3abeer said...

do you ever ... I mean EVER.. have anything nice to say ?!

eee ana chicken.. sh7arek ?:P

error said...

buq buq ba'qeeq o ana eldeech aly raa7 enatef reeshich :P

As a matter of fact I’m being nice with you!

3abeer said...



Spontaneousnessity said...

ana agooooool! tawni afham =}