Monday, March 05, 2007

Kuwait won’t be the same after 3 months from now!!

It never did anyways in any given period of time. No, the parliament won’t be dissolved and, no, phone number won’t be the same again. Kuwait will implement an 8 digit telephone circuit system for both mobile and landline telephones.

If you look at the bright side, that’s a good indicator. Kuwait started with a 4 digit system back in the 60’s.

My prediction! The future is for ipV6. Phone numbers will just be classic aliases.

O 3ayedee ya Kuwait!


outlaw said...

thats sux i don't want a 8 digit phone number :( i like it the way it is

jiji said...

do we haftaa go thru some berocatic procedure in order to make the change? Wala its automatic? after all.. Q80s are incharge fa allah yaster ;p

btw.. 1st time here.. i think am stayin ;p

Bashar said...

Guys... did you think about how we need to update all our phone contacts :(

Guess it's time to buy a new phone on the way.

eshda3wa said...

wats the point?
they wana change smthng khal ysawoon shay sane3
wayed 3alaihum adding digits

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

The goons did the same to us in Bahrain. At first it was awkward having to add a prefix in front of all the phone numbers but it is now 3adi. I suppose we just got used to it!

..G.. said...

I have to agree with Silly Bahraini girl, the same happend to us and it was all so complex and weird in the begining but we got through it... hang in there fellow kuwaiti's ou alla 3eenkom!

3abeer said...

change is a thing of the past!

Spontaneousnessity said...

no seriously what is wrong with these people!? what are they? bored?? changing phone number changing license plates.. who the hell changes their license plate!!

f_ said...

It happened in Saudi years ago. It's eventual with the increasing number of phone owners today.

error said...

Me too, just don’t touch the phone system!!

I think the switch will happen over the night! Next thing in the morning 7 digits will no longer work!!

I haven’t thought of that !! don’t worry mobile shops will come up with something for 10 kd that will update you complete contact list perhaps.

Sa7! Adding digits wont solve our lasting problem unfortunately!!

Thank you for supporting us in dealing with the new problem with your comforting words!!

Why would ba7rain want to do that!! I don’t think there was a need for it!! o e3yenkom thank you for supporting us we love you.

Why don’t you do a new recipe for the new occasion?

Its all part of the “new testament” (kilshay yedeed bil 3ahad el yedeed)

I couldn’t disagree with you

error said...

and welcome to my place ;)

Baroque said...

dude, if you don't like what you read, don't read it..

latifalsaf, i'm in a bad mood as is.. so don't dooos 3ala 6arafee or suffer the consequences..

o ba3dain whats this "post something useful and make ur f-ing blog experience better.." get over ur-self already..

error said...

Do you always take what people say literally? Where is your sense of humor? Now I see why your always pissed :P

I just loved your last post. Don’t talk to me harshly you might hurt my feelings.

jiji said...

thanx.. now where do i sit? or do u keep ppl standing?

Baroque said...

with u i'm always lost in translation..

hal mara put a ";)" or a ";p" at the end, latdish feeny ishra3 o miydaaaf winta joking..

and no, i don't take everything literally, if i did, i wouldn't have put up with ur comments for so long..

Mo Mughrabi said...

I don't think the 8 digit implementation will be of effect. I mean, specially for us! maybe for the new generations having to include one more digit to remember. But for us, you just have to keep remembering your own number and add a prefix just like everybody does ;-)


3abeer said...

a new recipe for which occasion? and what would you like the mian ingredient to be ?